Digital Dual Chamber Dry Bath

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DDC_BSH-TP1Optional external temperature probe. For monitoring & controlling actual sample temperature.(Probe can be placed in the sample tube with direct feedback to the control circuit and temperature display.)$186.26$186.26
DDC_BSH5001myBlock I Dry Bath, single position, without blocks$439.74$439.74
DDC_BSH5001-1BmyBlock I Dry Bath, single position with Quick-Flip universal block (Item: BSWCMB)$556.56$556.56
DDC_BSH5002myBlock II Dry Bath, single position, without blocks$549.95$549.95
DDC_BSH5002-2BmyBlock II Dry Bath, dual position with Quick-Flip universal block (Item: BSWCMB)$788.00$788.00
DDC_BSW01Block, solid, for slides or custom machining$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW02Block, 48 x 0.2ml tubes or 6 PCR strips$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW05Block, 24 x 0.5ml$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW108Block, 20 x 10mm (or 20 x 2.0ml)$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW13Block, 20 x 13mm (or 20 x 5/7ml blood tube)$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW15Block, 12 x 15ml (block height: 3.25 in.)$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW1500Block, 24 x 1.5ml$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW1516Block, 12x15-16mm (or 12x10ml blood tube)$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW1520Block, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW50Block, 5 x 50ml (block height: 3.25 in.)$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSW5MTBlock, 12 x 5ml centrifuge tubes (17mm diameter)$109.66$109.66
DDC_BSWHEMBlock, 48 x hematocrit tubes, 1.9mm (not compatible with cover)$164.21$164.21
DDC_BSWMTBlock, 1 x Micro Plate (2 & 4 block models only)$181.85$181.85
DDC_BSWNMRBlock, 30 x NMR tubes$218.22$218.22
DDC_BSWPCR1Block, 1 x 96-well PCR plate (Single block model only)$247.97$247.97
DDC_BSWPCR2Block, 1 x 96-well PCR plate (2&4 block models only)$241.36$241.36

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