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Mega Racks and Double Mega Racks
High capacity storage for your tubes
Fully assembled, polypropylene. Mega racks are great in clinical labs for storage of high quantity samples. Sturdy, light weight material for easy transport. The rack has identifying alpha-numerics for quick location and retrieval of tubes. Conveniently place different test groupings into one rack and eliminate need for multiple racks. Available in two sizes to fit standard 12/13 mm or 16 mm tubes. Choose from blue or white. Doubles measure 673 x 230 x 80mm (10-13mm) & 521 x 260 x 89mm ( 13-16mm). Both Mega and Double Mega Racks will accommodate any tube taller than 63.5mm.


Mega Rack
  Mega Rack Mega Rack
Catalog #DescriptionColorSize Price
MEGARACK-00110-13mm Tube RackBlue216 Tubes$34.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00210-13mm Tube RackWhite216 Tubes$34.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00313-16mm Tube RackBlue120 Tubes$34.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00413-16mm Tube RackWhite120 Tubes$34.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00510-13mm Tube RackBlue432 Tubes$60.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00610-13mm Tube RackWhite432 Tubes$60.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00713-16mm Tube RackBlue240 Tubes$60.00Add to Cart
MEGARACK-00813-16mm Tube RackWhite240 tubes$60.00Add to Cart