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Insulated Round Ice Buckets and Round Test Tube Racks

Description:  Buckets and lids are one piece molded and constructed from engineered inert thermoplastic. Non-sweating and odor and moisture resistant. Temperature resistant from - 196 C to 93 C. Inert to liquid nitrogen, dry ice, salt, acetone, Alcohol and phehol. 4L and 2.5L sizes available. Rack inserts available.

Catalog #DescriptionColor Price
RIB3200Ice Bucket- 10LRed$155.00Add to Cart
RIB3300Ice Bucket - 4LBlack$105.00Add to Cart
RIB3302Ice Bucket - 4LBlue$105.00Add to Cart
RIB3400Ice Bucket - 2.5LBlack$95.00Add to Cart
RIB3401Ice Bucket - 2.5LRed$95.00Add to Cart
RIB3402Ice Bucket - 2.5LBlue$95.00Add to Cart
RIR5000Round Rack (44 place - 1.5 ml microfuge tube)Black$35.00Add to Cart
RIR5001Round Rack (44 place - 1.5 ml microfuge tube)Red$35.00Add to Cart
RIR5002Round Rack (44 place - 1.5 ml microfuge tube)Blue$35.00Add to Cart
RIR5503Round Rack (30 place - 15ml conical tube)Black$35.00Add to Cart
RIR5504Round Rack (30 place - 15ml conical tube)Red$35.00Add to Cart
RIR5505Round Rack (30 place - 15ml conical tube)Blue$35.00Add to Cart