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Eddy Jet Spiral Plater

Definitive plating instrument that uses disposable microsyringes for the spiral inoculation technique. Distributes the liquid sample on the agar in an exponential or logarithmic decreasing manner from the center to the periphery.

Once incubated, the Petri plate shows a distribution of colonies smaller and more crowded in the center, and larger and more separated toward the periphery.

Counting colonies can be done automatically (see Countermat Flash) or manually, using the appropriate grid.

By using disposable sample delivery syringes, the Eddy Jet has revolutionized the spiral plating technique. It has eliminated both the possible sample cross contamination that can occur in other devices and the need to rinse the system between samples. The microsyringes and beakers are irradiated with gamma rays and remain closed until use.

Features and Benefits:

  • No risk of cross contamination with world wide patented microsyringes
  • No downtime required for disinfection
  • Direct and quick transition from validated existing outdated equipment, with pre-programmed spreading patterns
  • Assuring high precision by monitoring all 6 zones of spreading on the plate

What's unique.

Disposable Micro-syringe: World wide patented system to forever eliminate the mistrust in the classical spiral spreading instruments. Each sample remains during the whole process inside the disposable microsyringe.

Immediate replacement: The EDDY JET contains all the spreading programs used in the past. It can substitute immediately any old model of spiral platters.

Verifying capability: All the spiral spreadings can be checked at any time using a laboratory balance. The volume can be confirmed in the six different zones.

General Specifications
Plunger syringe motor: Step by step, 7,5º, 9 W
Turn table motor: Step by step, 7.5º, 9 W
Radial displacement motor: Step by step, 7.5º, 9 W
Maximum syringe volume: 100 µl
Maximum flow rate: 50 µl / sec
Minimum step volume: < 0.1 µl
Syringe material: polypropylene
Plunger material: polyethylene H.D.
Reproducibility: less than 1% error
Spreading modes stored: all the accepted
Autochecking: programmed in regions
External balance connection: serial RS232
Printer connection: serial RS232
Mains: 230/100 V, 50/60Hz
Power: 440 W
Dimensions: (WxHxD): 50x32x40cm / 19.7x12.6x16.1 in
Weight: 20 Kg / 44 lb.
Catalog #Description Price
1700220/230V 50/60Hz 1000 syr. 1000 beakers$22,961.00Add to Cart
1701110/120V 50/60Hz 1000 syr. 1000 beakers$22,961.00Add to Cart
17801000 disposable irradiated syringes$354.00Add to Cart
17901000 disposable irradiated beakers$155.00Add to Cart
1715Plate for 15 cm petri dishes$681.00Add to Cart
1724Laminated table of volume$17.00Add to Cart
1829Holder for old beakers sampling$111.00Add to Cart
2514Communication cable for printer$91.00Add to Cart
2515Communication cable for balance$91.00Add to Cart
3069Printer (serial interface 40 columns)$800.00Add to Cart
1710Plate for 9 cm petri dishes$681.00Add to Cart
1903Disk 3mm$66.00Add to Cart
1904Disk 5mm$66.00Add to Cart
1949Holder for beakers box$170.00Add to Cart
1950Holder for micro-srynges box$110.00Add to Cart
1967Holder for beakers sampling$95.00Add to Cart
1974Holder for 10 beakers$74.00Add to Cart
3067Plastic cover$140.00Add to Cart