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Disposable Cell Spreaders

Description: L and T shaped spreader design for quick smooth spreading. Polypropylene spreaders are ideal for microbiological applications. Smooth surface. Come, sterile, in a bag of ten (10) for immediate use without flaming.


Catalog #DescriptionQuantity Price
DSCDisposable L-Shaped Cell Spreaders, 10x10 (sterile)100$15.00Add to Cart
DSC-001Disposable T-Shaped Cell Spreaders, 10x10 (sterile)100$15.00Add to Cart
DSC-002Disposable Triangle Cell Spreaders, Small (1")25 sterile$15.00Add to Cart
DSC-003Disposable Triangle Cell Spreader, Large (2")25 sterile$15.00Add to Cart
DSC-SDisposable L-shaped spreader, 1/sterile peel100$25.00Add to Cart
DSC-001SDisposable T-Shaped spreader, 1/sterile peel100$35.00Add to Cart
DSC-002SDisposable Triangle Shaped Spreader, Small (1"), 1/sterile peel100$70.00Add to Cart
DSC-003SDisposable Triangle Shaped Spreader, Large (2"), 1/sterile peel100$70.00Add to Cart