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Thin-walled PCR Tubes and Caps

Description:  Manufactured of virgin Polypropylene, our PCR tubes were designed for optimal fit in all leading thermal cyclers.

  • The thin wall feature accelerates heat transfer, providing shorter cycle time.
  • Single tubes are ideal for those applications that use only a few tubes at a time.
  • Tubes and caps are connected together in strips of 8 for easy and convenient loading into 8x12 format thermal cyclers.
  • All PCR tubes are nonsterilized and autoclavable.
Catalog #DescriptionColorPackagingQty / pkg Price
PCR200T200ul Thin wall tube w/attached capNaturalBagged1000$50.00Add to Cart
PCR200TF200ul Thin wall tube w/attached cap - flat topNaturalBagged1000$50.00Add to Cart
PCR-8-200Strip of 8 200ul thin wall tubesNatural120 Strips960$76.50Add to Cart
PCR-12-200Strip of 12 200ul thin wall tubesNatural80 Strips960$76.50Add to Cart
PCR-8-200CStrip of 8 capsNatural120 Strips960$20.00Add to Cart
PCR-12-200CStrip of 12 capsNatural80 Strips960$20.00Add to Cart
PCR 500T500ul Thin wall tube w/attached capNaturalBagged100$40.00Add to Cart