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5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes


5ml polypropylene microcentrifuge tube withstands autoclaving, boiling and freezing to -90C. Fits all standard centrifuges which accomodate 15ml tubes. Withstands centrifuge speeds of up to 5000 x g. Frosted marking surface, graduated. Packs sizes: 200 microfuge tubes. PCR Certified. RNase and DNase free.

Catalog #DescriptionQty Price
C2500Centrifuge Tube, 5ml, non-sterile200$40.00Add to Cart
C2520Centrifuge Tube, 5ml, sterile (10 bags of 20)200$47.00Add to Cart
C2500RCentrifuge Tube, 5ml, non-sterile, red tinted200$40.00Add to Cart
C2500BCentrifuge Tube, 5ml, non-sterile, blue tinted200$40.00Add to Cart
C2500GCentrifuge Tube, 5ml, non-sterile, green tinted200$40.00Add to Cart
C2500YCentrifuge Tube, 5ml, non-sterile, yellow tinted200$40.00Add to Cart
C2500OBCentrifuge Tube, 5ml, non-sterile, opaque black tinted200$40.00Add to Cart