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Stir Bars, Plain PTFE

Stir Bars Plain PTFE

A general purpose stir bar that provides better mixing than cylindrical stirrers. An Alnico V magnet is encapsulated with a two step process, compression and isostatic encapsulation, to eliminate cracks and porosity. Each stir bar is polished to reduce the potential for contamination.

Catalog #Description Price
LS-3075-21Plain PTFE Stir Bar 5x2mm$3.50Add to Cart
LS-3075-22Plain PTFE Stir Bar 7x2mm$3.50Add to Cart
LS-3075-23Plain PTFE Stir Bar 8x3mm$3.00Add to Cart
LS-3075-24Plain PTFE Stir Bar 10x3mm$4.00Add to Cart
LS-3075-25Plain PTFE Stir Bar 13x8mm$4.25Add to Cart
LS-3075-26Plain PTFE Stir Bar 25 x 10mm$6.00Add to Cart
LS-3075-27Plain PTFE Stir Bar 35 x10mm$6.25Add to Cart
LS-3075-28Plain PTFE Stir Bar 50x10mm$8.00Add to Cart
LS-3075-29Plain PTFE Stir Bar 75x13mm$13.25Add to Cart
LS-3075-30Plain PTFE Stir Bar 108x27mm$57.50Add to Cart