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Spatulas - Flat and Bent

SPATULAS FLAT AND BENTDescriprion: Stainless Steel Spatula made out of stout 0.14"(3.6mm) rod. Flat one end, bent the other end. Flat end 1.1"(28mm) long x 0.3"(7.6mm) wide, bent end 1.15"(29mm) long x 0.29"(7.5mm) wide. Various lengths.

Catalog #Description Price
LS-3569-15"(125mm) long$5.00Add to Cart
LS-3569-27"(180mm) long$5.00Add to Cart
LS-3569-48"(200mm) long$6.00Add to Cart
LS-3569-118.75"(220mm) long$6.00Add to Cart