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Spatula and Spoon Set of 7

Spatula and Spoon Set of 7Description:
A valuable set of 7 instruments in the lab for weighing, mixing, scrapping or spreading material. Tweezers included for accurate handling of small quantities. All instruments are of Stainless Steel construction. Included in the kit is one each of the following:

  • Spatula Wooden Handle Blade 4" long x 19mm
  • Tweezers Forceps 5”(125mm) Long
  • Spatula Flat and Bent 7"(180mm) Long Flat end 1.1"(28mm) Long x 0.3"(7.6mm) wide, Bent end    1.15"(29mm) Long x 0.29"(7.5mm) Wide. Total Length 7"(180mm).
  • Spatula Spoon one end Flat one end 6” Long
  • Lab Scoop Scoopula 6.5” Long
  • Spatula Micro, Spoon one end other end Flat. Spoon 0.45"(11mm) Long x 0.33"(8mm) Wide, Flat   end 0.79"(20mm) Long x 0.33"(8mm) Wide. Total length 6.25"(160mm).
  • Spatula Micro, Scoop at one end Flat the other end. Scoop 1.26"(32mm) Long x 0.29"(7.5mm) Wide. Flat end 1.43"(36mm) Long x 0.31"(8mm) Wide. Total Length 7.25"(190mm).
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