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Fixed Volume Pipettes


With Autoclavable tip cone, these Fixed volume micropipettes are available in a wide range of capacities from 0.5 μl to 10000 μl (10 ml) and are low costs with very high accuracy. Ideal for clinical diagnostics, routine tests, control analysis, etc.

Catalog #Accuracy (+/- %)Accuracy (+/- μl)Precision (+/- μl)Precision (+/- %)Compatible TipsVolume (μl) Price
PFV-051.50.0750.040.820μl5$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-μl10$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-μl20$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-250.30.1250.0750.3200μl25$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-1000.μl100$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-2000.μl200$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-10000.μl1000 (1 ml)$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-50000.30.750.50.25ml5000 (5 ml)$65.00Add to Cart
PFV-100000. (10 ml)$65.00Add to Cart