Laboratory Notebook - Oversized

Laboratory Notebook - OversizedOur new oversized laboratory notebooks save time and money. With these oversized notebooks, you no longer have to cut and paste your printouts – you simply print and paste your laser printouts directly onto the oversized pages. The paste-in will not cover up your signature blocks at the bottom or any of the information at the top of the notebook. There is a 16 page table of contents at the front of the oversized scientific notebook. We have tested the notebooks with paste-ins on every page. The reinforced binding allows the books to easily handle these extra sheets.

Oversized Notebook Features:

  • 160 pages (printed front and back)
  • 16 page table of contents.
  • Case bound, 9 5/8 x 12 1/2 covers.
  • Page format - Pages have 1/4 inch grid pattern with signature block at bottom.
  • Signature Block reads "Recorded by" and "Verified by"
  • Book description page.
  • Instruction page.
  • Pages are consecutively numbered from 1 to 160.
  • 60 pound acid-free white paper.
  • Black imitation leather covers are standard.

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