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Measuring Cylinder

Measuring CylinderDescription: Heavy base with pouring lip. Accuracy assured even at lowest graduations. First 10 % of volume at bottom is not graduated. Calibrated. Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Max Temperature: 680°C.

Catalog #DescriptionHeightSizeQuantity Price
GL-T25Measuring Cylinder160ml25ml1/ea.$20.00Add to Cart
GL-T25Measuring Cylinder160ml25ml18/case$165.00Add to Cart
GL-T50Measuring Cylinder195mm50ml1/ea.$20.00Add to Cart
GL-T50Measuring Cylinder195mm50ml18/case$175.00Add to Cart
GL-T100Measuring Cylinder250mm100ml1/ea.$23.00Add to Cart
GL-T100Measuring Cylinder250mm100ml12/case$130.00Add to Cart
GL-T250Measuring Cylinder300mm250ml1/ea.$40.00Add to Cart
GL-T250Measuring Cylinder300mm250ml12/case$250.00Add to Cart
GL-T500Measuring Cylinder350mm500ml1/ea.$50.00Add to Cart
GL-T500Measuring Cylinder350mm500ml8/case$220.00Add to Cart