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Funnel - Separatory with PTFE Stopcock

Description: Lower stems made of large-diameter tubing for liquid to drain out completely when stopcock is open. Pear-shaped with 60mm stem length. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, heat resistant. Max Temperature: 680°C. Designed from ASTM E1096 Type 4 requirements.

Catalog #DescriptionSizeQuantity Price
GL-K60Separatory Funnel60ml2/pack$75.00Add to Cart
GL-K125Separatory Funnel125ml2/pack$90.00Add to Cart
GL-K250Separatory Funnel250ml2/pack$105.00Add to Cart
GL-K500Separatory Funnel500ml2/pack$125.00Add to Cart
GL-K1000Separatory Funnel1000ml1/pack$110.00Add to Cart
GL-K2000Separatory Funnel2000ml1/pack$115.00Add to Cart