Model 24 Rotator without Disk

A Superior Rotator For:

  • Tumbling samples at the exact speed needed to maximize mixing.
  • Allowing biological samples to be perfectly kept in suspension regardless of viscosity or sample volume.

Our variable speed test tube rotator is the perfect test tube mixer for research and clinical laboratories from the company that has supplies rugged and reliable products for decades. Unlike many similar products, our rotator can be adjusted from 4 to 60 rpm to precisely mix samples or keep biological samples in suspension. The compact design and wide ambient temperature range (0 deg. C. to 65 deg. C.) make it ideal for use in cold rooms, refrigerators, incubators, or ovens. Three different disks are available and hold tubes firmly in place. Tubes are easily removed and installed within the stainless steel clips.

Special Features:

  • Speed is adjustable from 4 to 60 rotations per minute.
  • Solid state speed control continuously monitors and maintains set speed.
  • Operates in ambient temperatures from 0° to 65° C.
  • All industrial-duty components.
  • Cold-room safe.

Rotator Disk

RD24 RD12 RD6

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