Incufridge RS-IF-233

Description: The Incufridge is the ultimate in flexibility when refrigerating or incubating temperature sensitive material. Each model is equipped with a PID controller and digital display. Two year warranty included.

Incufridge RS-IF-233
Product Specifications:
Incufridge Specifications
Temperature Range: 7°C to 60°C (at 20°C ambient)
Precision: ±0.7°C, uniformity ±1.0°C (at 20°C ambient)
Power Requirements: 120-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 150 W, 12 VDC
Shelves: P2 removable metal shelves
Reliability: Settings stored in case of power failure
Capacity: 33L
Dimensions: Exterior Width x Depth x Height: 15in x 23in x 15.5in
Interior Width x Depth x Height: 12in x 16.5in x 10.25in

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