Personal Multiple Speed Micro-Centrifuge

Product Description
The RS-200 is the only microcentrifuge equipped with multiple speeds, digital timer and electronic imbalance detection system for under $1,000 retail. The RS-200 has multiple speeds up to10,000 RPM and includes a pulse feature for short spins. The imbalance detection system instantly cuts power to the motor to prevent damage. Automated switching circuit allows operation from 100-230 VAC. The high capacity 16-position rotor receives 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes, optional 0.2ml strip rotors are also available. Oversized soft rubber base absorbs vibration and stops bench walking. Rapid slow down, from 10,000 RPM to zero in approx. 20 seconds.

Product Specifications
Model No.: RS-200
Power requirements: 100 - 230VAC 50-60 HZ 1.5 amps, grounded cord
Net weight: 5 lb. (shipping weight 7 lb.)
Dimensions: 9 inches tall x 7 inches diameter
Motor: Ball bearing, high efficiency, permanent magnet DC
Timer: 60 minute digital timer
RPM: Max-10,000
RCF: Max-6,238
Rotor capacity: 16 tubes, 1.5 or 2.0 ml (holes numbered 1-16), optional 0.2ml strip rotor
Rotor type: 45°, unique vertical loading
Warranty: 2 year, repair or replacement

Product Features

  • Digital display
  • Imbalance detection system
  • Programmable timer
  • Multiple speed selection up to 10,000 RPM
  • The digitally controlled multi-speed microcentrifuge, includes a pulse feature for short spins.
  • High capacity 16 position rotor receives 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes, each hole is clearly marked by numbers.
  • Easy to read graphics indicating RPM and RCF.
  • Easyload rotor permits tubes to be loaded vertically, but spin in 45° position.
  • Oversized soft rubber base efficiently absorbs vibration, reduces noise and vibration transmitted to bench, stops bench walking, resists tipping, and absorbs impact from careless handling.
  • Reasonably priced extra rotors to accommodate large classrooms.
  • Oversized 8mm shaft will not bend from abuse or imbalance.
  • Forced air ventilation assures specimens, rotor and motor stay cool, even during extended runs.
  • Safety switch instantly stops rotor if lid is slightly ajar, will not operate without cover in place.
  • Grounded cord, double insulated construction.
  • Precision manufacturing: Made in the USA!

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