MyFuge Mini Centrifuge
Description: The new Mini Centrifuge is a personal centrifuge that virtually fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes, the Mini is extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and the rotor instantly reaches 6,000 rpm. Open the lid, and the rotor quickly decelerates to a stop for removing samples.

An increased capacity eight position microtube rotor is included and comes installed. A second rotor for 0.2ml PCR tubes and strips is also included and installed with the rotor removal key in a convenient compartment on the bottom of the centrifuge. When the rotor is not in use, storage in this compartment prevents loss or misplacement of the rotor. 

Mini Centrifuge


  • Eight position microtube rotor
  • Storage compartment for PCR rotor
  • Near silent operation
  • Starts and stops in just seconds
  • Conserves valuable bench space


Speed: 6,000 rpm/2,000 xg
Capacity: 8 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes
16 x 0.2ml PCR tubes
2 x 0.2ml PCR strips
Dimensions: 4.5 x 5.9 x 4.5 in.
Weight: 1.1 lbs/1kg
Electrical: 100-240V; 50-60Hz
Mini Centrifuge Mini Centrifuge
Storage Compartment Includes Both Rotors
** All include microtube rotor, PCR rotor, 0.5ml & 0.2ml adapters

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