Low Speed Brushless 15/50ml Centrifuge
Low Speed Brushless 15/50ml Centrifuge

This low-speed centrifuge is designed to save on diagnostic time, equipment cost, and countertop space! With the versatile power of 2 centrifuges in one, the XC-2500 can spin 15ML and 50ML tubes and features a large, one touch button panel for quick and easy timer and speed settings, plus a bright LCD display. Great for general lab use.

  • Programmable settings with bright and easy-to- read LCD display.
  • Fixed Angled Rotor with adapters for 6
  • 15mL or 50mL tube holders.
  • Built-in safety feature keeps lid closed while rotor is in use.
  • Speed display options include RPM.
  • Brushless motor for long lasting operation
  • Beeping noise alert when stops spinning.

MAX SPEED 1000 - 4000 r/min max speed (100 rpm increments to 4000rpm)
TIMER RANGE 1-60 min.
NOISE <65db
DIMENSIONS 15 × 13 × 10 in


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