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20 and 30 place cardboard slide tray

Thumb Cut for easy slide removal

Description: Slide tray holds up to 20 or 30 slides (3 x 1"; 75 x 25mm). The compartments are recessed to protect specimens when closed.


Catalog #DescriptionQuantity Price
ST2020 place Cardboard Slide Tray, Black Standard1$9.00Add to Cart
ST-20W20 place cardboard slide tray, WHITE1$9.00Add to Cart
ST-20B20 place cardboard slide tray-BLUE1$9.00Add to Cart
ST-20DG20 place cardboard slide tray-DARK GREEN1$9.00Add to Cart
ST-20R20 place Cardboard Slide Tray-RED1$9.00Add to Cart
ST-20Y20 place cardboard slide tray-YELLOW1$9.00Add to Cart
ST2020 cardboard slide holders1$180.00Add to Cart
ST30-2030 Place Cardboard Slide Holder20$240.00Add to Cart
ST3030 place Cardboard Slide Tray1$13.00Add to Cart