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Carbon Dioxide Staging

Carbon Dioxide Staging,

Anti Mite Plugs

Catalog #ProductQuantity/Unit Price
FLY-1000Fly Room Liner, 20″ x 50′, with backing1 roll$50.00Add to Cart
FLY-1001Fly Room Liner, 20″ x 300′, with backing1 roll$125.00Add to Cart
FLY-1002Fly Room Liner, 20″ x 300′, with backing2 rolls$215.00Add to Cart
FLY-3001Stock ID Tag, 1 5/8" round metal rim, white with attached string.500$75.00Add to Cart
FLY-4001Vial 23x95mm, glass, flat bottom, straight wall144$90.00Add to Cart
FLY-4003Vial 28x95mm, plastic “Dura-Vial”500$70.00Add to Cart
FLY-4003RSame as above, polystyrene, racked 5 x 100500$75.00Add to Cart
FLY-4005Vial 25x95mm, PLASTIC “Dura Vial” Flat bottom, straight wall500$76.00Add to Cart
FLY-4005RSame as above, polystyrene, racked 5 x 100500$83.00Add to Cart
FLY-4007Vial 25x75mm, shortly narrow plastic “Dura Vial” Flat bottom,500$62.00Add to Cart
FLY-6002Cotton Ball (1.6″) large for up to 28mm vial2000$62.50Add to Cart
FLY-60111-lb Cotton Roll, 12″ (4.72cm) wide4$62.50Add to Cart
FLY-1050FLY vial storage tray (metal) (12 x 12 x 2.5″)1$50.00Add to Cart
FLY-1051FLY vial storage tray (metal) (14 x 10 x 2.5″)1$55.00Add to Cart
FLY-1060Cardboard fly vial storage tray w/ dividers, Cardboard 10x10 array for up to 30mm vials10$55.00Add to Cart
FLY-1070Cheesecloth grade 50, 28 x 24 threads/sq", 36″ x 70 yds (91cm)1$85.00Add to Cart
FLY-1071Nylon mesh, embryo filter grade, 10 x 12″ (25 x 30 cm), 120 μm3 sheets$30.00Add to Cart
FLY-1072Nylon mesh, fly debris filter grade, 10 x 12″ (25 x 30 cm), 64 μm3 sheets$30.00Add to Cart
FLY-1073Nylon mesh, Catch Adults/Collect Embryos, Filter Grade, 10 x 12″ (25 x 30 cm), 630 μm3 sheets$30.00Add to Cart
FLY-7050Foam plugs 21-26mm for 23mm vial400$90.00Add to Cart
FLY-7051Foam plugs 27-34mm for 28mm vial200$60.00Add to Cart
FLY-7052Foam plugs 35-45mm for fly bottles100$60.00Add to Cart
FLY-770Anti Mite Plugs, Bottle1000$125.00Add to Cart
FLY-750Anti Mite Plugs, Wide Vials, 28.5mm1000$75.00Add to Cart
FLY-730Anti Mite Plugs, Narrow Vials, 25mm1000$65.00Add to Cart
FLY-710Anti Mite Plugs, Glass1000$154.00Add to Cart
BGSU-7Carbon Dioxide Staging1$105.00Add to Cart
BGSU-12Carbon Dioxide Staging, round1$125.00Add to Cart
FLY-7000Halo-Carbon Oil # 700, injection work8 oz.$250.00Add to Cart
FLY-2004Insect Container, 32 oz with vented lid100$75.00Add to Cart