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Fly Media


Description: Prepared Fly Media, CalTech Modified, 10ml/ 25 x 95mm or 28 x 95mm with buzz plug

PLEASE NOTE: Unless Pre-Arranged. All Prepared Fly Media  (FLY 9250, 9251 and 9252) everything else the same.

Catalog #ProductQuantity/Unit Price
FLY-8000-5D-Glucose anhydrous5Kg$37.00Add to Cart
FLY-8000-10D-Glucose anhydrous10Kg$70.00Add to Cart
FLY-8000-20D-Glucose anhydrous20Kg$120.00Add to Cart
FLY-8005-10Sucrose, granular10Kg$35.00Add to Cart
FLY-8005-20Sucrose, granular20Kg$60.00Add to Cart
FLY-8006-4Apple Cider Vinegar4L (1gal)$10.00Add to Cart
FLY-8006-16Apple Cider Vinegar4x4L$35.00Add to Cart
FLY-8004-12Apple Juice, 100%12 X 46 oz.$60.00Add to Cart
FLY-8007-4Light Corn Syrup4L (1gal)$40.00Add to Cart
FLY 8007-16Light Corn Syrup4 X 4 L$95.00Add to Cart
FLY-8008-4Molasses, unsulphered4L$35.00Add to Cart
FLY-8008-16Molasses, unsulphered4 x 4L$125.00Add to Cart
FLY-8009-10Cornmeal, yellow (extra fine mesh,flocked)10Kg$40.00Add to Cart
FLY-8009-20Cornmeal, yellow (extra fine mesh,flocked)20Kg$80.00Add to Cart
FLY-8010-10Cornmeal, yellow10Kg$37.50Add to Cart
FLY-8010-20Cornmeal, yellow20kg$60.00Add to Cart
FLY-8011-10Cornmeal, yellow, CERTIFIED ORGANIC10Kg$40.00Add to Cart
FLY-8011-20Cornmeal, yellow, CERTIFIED ORGANIC20Kg$60.00Add to Cart
FLY-8012-10Dextrose10Kg$45.00Add to Cart
FLY-8012-20Dextrose20Kg$85.00Add to Cart
FLY-8013-5Soy Flour5Kg$40.00Add to Cart
FLY-8014-10Malt, plain light dehydrated10Kg$105.00Add to Cart
FLY-8014-20Malt, plain light dehydrated20Kg$195.00Add to Cart
FLY-8020-1Drosophila agar 80-100 mesh1Kg$125.00Add to Cart
FLY-8020-5Drosophila agar 80-100 mesh5Kg$425.00Add to Cart
FLY-8020-10Drosophila agar 80-100 mesh10Kg$775.00Add to Cart
FLY-8020-20Drosophila agar 80-100 mesh20Kg$1,275.00Add to Cart
FLY-8030-5Drosophila yeast, nutritional, flake5Kg$100.00Add to Cart
FLY-8030-10Drosophila yeast, nutritional, flake10Kg$190.00Add to Cart
FLY-8030-20Drosophila yeast, nutritional, flake20Kg$285.00Add to Cart
FLY-8040-5Drosophila dry active yeast granular5Kg$62.00Add to Cart
FLY-8040-10Drosophila dry active yeast granular10Kg$110.00Add to Cart
FLY-8040-20Drosophila dry active yeast granular20Kg$210.00Add to Cart
FLY-8040-5FDrosophila dry active yeast, fine5Kg$62.00Add to Cart
FLY-8040-10FDrosophila dry active yeast, fine10Kg$110.00Add to Cart
FLY-8040-20FDrosophila dry active yeast, fine20Kg$210.00Add to Cart
FLY-5501-1p-Hydroxy-benzoic acid, methyl ester (TEGOSEPT)1Kg$75.00Add to Cart
FLY-5501-5p-Hydroxy-benzoic acid, methyl ester (TEGOSEPT)5Kg$275.00Add to Cart