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Cyto-Spin Slides (adhesive coated or uncoated)

specimens in the exact position that you need them

Description: These preprinted slides are designed to make locating the centrifuged smear easier. Each well is placed in the exact position where the centrifuged specimen is deposited. Each slide has finished edges and 45° corners. These slides are available for the Shandon™, Wescor™ or Stat-Spin™ cyto-centrifuge systems. The ink is a black permanent hydrophobic epoxy that is resistant to most laboratory solvents.

Available in Uncoated, Poly-l-lysine Coated and Silane Coated Slides.

(All Cyto-Spin Slides are funnel compatible)

Catalog #DescriptionPackaging Price
056-1Cyto-Spin wescor uncoatedPer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
056-2Cyto-Spin wescor Poly-L-LysinePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
056-3Cyto-Spin wescor/SilanePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
057-1Shandon Cyto-Spin one well uncoatedPer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
057-2Shandon Cyto-Spin one well/Poly-L-LysineGross$95.00Add to Cart
057-3Shandon Cyto-Spin one well/SilanePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
058-1Shandon Cyto-Spin two well/uncoatedGross$95.00Add to Cart
058-2Shandon Cyto-Spin two well/Poly-L-LysinePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
058-3Shandon Cyto-Spin two well/SilanePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
059-1Cyto-spin 3 section uncoatedPer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
059-2Cyto-Spin 3 section/Poly-L-LysineGross$95.00Add to Cart
059-3Cyto-spin 3 section/SilanePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
060-1Stat spin cyto-spin 1 section uncoatedPer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
060-2Stat spin cyto-spin 1 section/Poly-L-LysinePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
060-3Stat spin cyto-spin 1 section/SilanePer Gross$95.00Add to Cart
061-1Cyto-Spin, Sakura/uncoatedGross$95.00Add to Cart
061-2Cyto-Spin, Sakura/Poly-L-LysineGross$95.00Add to Cart
061-3Cyto-Spin,Sakura/SilaneGross$95.00Add to Cart
062-1Cyto-Spin, Stat-Spin,Cytofuge2/uncoatedGross$95.00Add to Cart
062-2Cyto-Spin, Stat-Spin, Cytofuge2/Poly-L-LysineGross$95.00Add to Cart
065-1Cyto-Spin,Hittich Centrifuge/uncoatedGross$95.00Add to Cart