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Cryovial Boxes, Polycarbonate
    Description:  Safely store vials from -196 to +121C in mechanical freezers as well as liquid nitrogen. Polycarbonate boxes are designed with unique features to help orient, identify and access vials with ease.
  • Hinged lid with built-in stop allows easy one-handed access to samples (not on 25 place)
  • Forward sloped base and high contrast indexing on the transparent lid ensure quick visual orientation
  • Magnetic tipped forceps supplied with 9x9 array style boxes. Helps pick vials and remove boxes from freezer raking.
  • All boxes have vent and drainage holes. Stackable and autoclavable.

CB-55. 5 x 5 Array Boxes are ideal for small sampling. Hold 25 vials. Friction fit, slide-on lid.

CB-99S. 9 x 9 Array Standard Boxes hold tubes in an easy-to-pick formation. Popular array makes sample retrieval simple. Hold 81 vials. Hinged lid. Includes picking tool.

CB-99T. 9 x 9 Array Tall Boxes are designed for large vials - use with 3.0 or 5.0ml vials. Hold 81 vials. Hinged lid.

CB-1010. 10 x 10 Array Boxes hold the maximum number of tubes in standart footprint. Works best with internally threaded vials. This economical choice is ideal for large sampling Hold 100 vials. Hinged lid. Includes picking tool.





Catalog #DescriptionBase ColorDimensions (mm)PackVial Size, ml Price
CB-555 x 5 Array BoxesRuby Red76 x 76 x 538/Pk1.2/2.0$80.00Add to Cart
CB-99S9 x 9 Array Standard BoxesAssorted133 x 133 x 534/Pk1.2/2.0$61.00Add to Cart
CB-99T9 x 9 Array Tall BoxesAmethyst Purple133 x 133 x 965/Pk3.0/5.0$86.00Add to Cart
CB-101010 x 10 Array BoxesArctic Blue133 x 133 x 534/Pk1.2/2.0$63.00Add to Cart
CB-EEmpty BoxesEmerald Green133 x 133 x 534/Pk$45.00Add to Cart