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Agarose-Low Melt-MB Grade (Organic Solvent Free)

Application: The original low temperature melt agarose. This molecular biology grade agarose produces gels with greater sieving properties and higher clarity than standard melting temperature agarose. Ideal for preparative DNA and RNA electrophoresis, cloning, tissue culture cells and viral plaque assays.

Typical Properties:

  • Gelling temp: 26°-30°C
  • Melting temp: ≤65°C
  • Moisture Content: ≤10%
  • Sulfate: ≤0.10%
  • EEO, (-mr): ≤0.10
  • Gel strength: ≥200 g/cm2
  • RNase/Dnase Activity: None Detected
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AG-SPAgarose, MB Grade, Low Melt (organic solvent free)25g$80.00Add to Cart
AG-SPAgarose, MB Grade, Low Melt (organic solvent free)125g$250.00Add to Cart