Agarose 3:1 (Organic Solvent Free)

Application:  Agarose 3:1 is a molecular biology grade, standard melting temperature agarose that yields strong gels for fine resolution of small DNA, RNA and PCR products less than 1 Kb. Agarose 3:1 ensures of DNA fragments up to 1,000 bp fine resolution. This agarose can also resolve DNA fragments 10-1500 bp. Agarose 3:1 is designed for analytical electrophoresis. If you prefer using low melt temperature agarose we suggest AG-NSGTG which allows for enzyme cloning compatibility.


Typical Properties:

  • Gelling temp: 32.5°-38°C
  • Melting temp: ≤90°C
  • Moisture Content: ≤10%
  • Sulfate: ≤0.15%
  • EEO, (-mr): ≤0.13
  • Gel strength: ≥1400 g/cm2
  • RNase/Dnase Activity:
  • None Detected


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