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Autoradiography Film

LabScientific film lets you generate publishable autoradiographs from all types of experiments. It is especially suited for exposure of blotting experiments and DNA sequencing gels. The blue-tinted base of this double-emulsion film gives you results that are sharp and clear without the graininess and background fogging associated with clear-based films. Use with all types of labeled samples.

Use LabScientific film for autoradiography of both protein and nucleic acid samples labeled with all types of radioisotopes! LabScientific film will not obscure the signal from your samples, even those with low levels of radioactivity.

The method and length of exposure will depend on the type and amount of radioisotope used in your sample. For instance, samples labeled with high energy, ß-particle-emitting isotopes such as 125I or 32P may be exposed directly or with intensifying screens. Samples with low energy beta emitter, such as 35S, usually require detection by direct exposure. Samples labeled with 3H are best detected using fluorography.