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2015 Western Blot Product Line
Fall 2015
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LabScientific stocks the finest in life science research products. We offer the best value on laboratory racks, microscope slides, biochemical reagents, hybridization products, autoradiography film, and more.

All LabScientific products can be ordered through FISHER or VWR.


The word "physiology" written in Chinese consists of three characters. Reading downward they mean life, logic and study. The overall meaning becomes "The study of the logic of life."

We at LabScientific pride ourselves in supporting laboratories dedicated to studying the logic and physiology of life with the finest scientific equipment and supplies available, at the best possible prices.

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Featured Product of the Month: Kim-Wipe Dispenser



  • The Kim-Wipe Dispenser allows for error free dispensing of every Kimwipe in box.
  • Protects tissues from laboratory spills and moisture.

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